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Carbolite ELF 11/14b Furnace



The ELF 11/14b laboratory furnaces is a bench mounted model designed for light duty and general use up to 1100 °C.
These laboratory furnaces have a simple drop down door and a top mounted ceramic chimney. The combination of low thermal mass insulation and free radiating wire elements embedded in the chamber sides provide efficient heating.

Standard Features

  • 1100°C maximum operating temperature
  • 14 Litre Chamber Volume
  • Drop down door with air gap to minimise external temperature
  • Carbolite 301 controller, with single ramp to set-point & process timer
  • Delayed start / process timer function as standard
  • Vacuum formed, low thermal mass insulation
  • Hard ceramic hearth fitted as standard
  • Ventilated via top mounted ceramic chimney


ELF 11/14
Max temp (°C) 1100
Max continuous operating temp (°C) 1000
Volume (litres) 14
Heat-up time (mins) 40
Dimensions: Internal H x W x D (mm) 210 x 220 x 310
Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm) 630 x 450 x 520
Temperature uniformity of ± 5°C within H x W x D (mm) 170 x 180 x 205
Max power (W) 2600
Holding power (W) 1300
Thermocouple type K
Weight (kg) 31

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Capco Concete Curing Tank, Steel, Ex-demo



Capco Steel Curing Tank for concrete cubes

Ex-Demo Unit - Only 1 in stock

Specimens must be cured at a stable temperature under water to ensure
consistent test results. Temperature control on our tanks is extremely accurate, exceeding the most stringent requirements. Tank features:

* Galvanised Steel Construction.
* Rack Supports folded into sides for strength & easy cleaning.
* Drain Valve
* Electronic Controller.
* Dimensions 960x840x560mm

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Mettler Toledo Spider II Scales


Mettler Toledo Spider II Scales

- Steel weighing pan

- Good Condition


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Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer, Ex-Demo




Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer

Ex-Demo Unit - Only 1 in stock


The Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer (SACP or MEXE-CONE) is a lightweight instrument for rapidly measuring in-depth resistance to penetration, indicating with a dial, in terms of California Bearing Ratio (CBR).

The SACP is a robust and reliable instrument used throughout the world by both commercial and military establishments.

Measurement range for CBR is from 0-15% CBR. Soil trafficability measurements can be made using the Cone Index (CI) range. The linear CI range is from 0-300 and has 60 divisions, each of 11.12N (1.13kgf). Full deflection is 667N (67.9kgf).  Steady penetration of the cone into the soil is required and readings are taken from the dial at 75mm (3”) intervals during penetration to a maximum depth of 600mm (24”).  In fine-grained soils, for which the SACP is primarily intended, measurements correlate closely with CBR values, measured in-situ with conventional equipment. ¹

The SACP is supplied complete with carryingcase, which contains one CBR cone, one CI cone, one top rod, three extension rods (150mm each), tools and operating instructions.

Weight (including case) is 2.5kgs

1. Ref TRL Report LR901.


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